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عرض اليوم الوطني
اليوم الوطني

National Day Offe

National Day Offer from Slim Diet ProSalam SR 1589 – Active Diet (Branch Subscription) SAR 1489 and Free Chocolate Box for First 89 Subscribers

Opening of Mecca Branch offer

Now special offer on the occasion of the opening of our new branch in Mecca neighborhood Awali Abdullah Juffali Street, the offer includes all branches (Safa-Mohammedia-breeze-Samer) only starting on Thursday 12/9/2019 for three days

Summer Offer

عرض الصيف من سلِم دايت😍 استغلوا فرصة العرض وجربو أطباقنا الجديدة🤗 ‏☀️Summer offer Bro Slim ‏for one month 1750.RS Three months 4950.RS ‏Including meals with delivery + Four visit ‏only in the main branch Active Diet ‏for one month 1500.RS ‏Including meals with delivery only ‏from our shops only