How It Works


Finding healthy food can be almost impossible at times. With the Slim Diet Center, you can enjoy three main healthy and tasty meals

You will no longer worry where to order and what is your next healthy meal It’s time to stop counting calories and give up diets – simply enjoy a healthy Slim diet center that helps you lose weight naturally.

Optional dietitian consultation (recommended in order to ensure a better outcome) You can book a consultation with dietitians on Slim Diet Center to discuss the basics of proper nutrition and to learn the basic weight loss rules

To find out more about Slim Diet Weight Loss Programs. First we make a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional needs and physical condition and then determine your goals

Then we measure weight, fat percentage and body measurements so everything becomes clear to reach the weight you want



After registration, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to help, motivate and support you throughout the program.

You have complete and complete control of your program through your own account. Once you have filled out the data, the special menu you have selected will be sent to your e-mail and then the day of delivery will be determined.


The variety of food regulations includes more than 300 healthy and delicious dishes if you feel the need to change them
For any reason there is no problem but if you are on a trip outside the country we can stop the program until you return.

Our dishes are homemade, using only the freshest and best quality ingredients. Throughout the program, you will be assisted by your own account manager and the entire Slim Diet team




Healthy food programs help you achieve your goals

A list of rich food on our programs, and choose the most appropriate program to you

Subscription packages

Active Dietأكتف دايتSR 1750

  • 3 Main Meals
  • Daily home delivery
  • 28 days

Lunch Boxلانش بوكسSR 1050

  • Breakfast and lunch Meals
  • Daily  work delivery
  • 20 days  

Quick Lunchكويك لانشSR 750

  • Lunch Meal
  • Daily home or work delivery
  • 20 days

Diet Houseالحمية المنزليةSR 525

  • Calculate calories and prepare the program by a specialist
  • Weekly follow-up with specialist


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